Circle Read

Circle Read

There is a lot of debate about reading out loud in the classroom.  I think there is some value in it.  The situation I like to draw on is when a friend has their phone out and says something like “Hey, have you heard about this?  It’s from the New York Times and says….”.  There ARE times when people read things out loud.  It is usually NOT when everyone has a copy of the text in front of them, though.  That’s the basis for this exercise.

1. After your starter/warm-up/introduction to the topic and pre-teaching, explain you are going to read an article/text about the topic.  You may choose to give some questions/vocabulary to look out for if you wish.

2. You only have ONE copy of the article though!  You as a trainer, begin by reading the first paragraph.  The learners do NOT have a copy and actually have to focus on listening to you read the first paragraph.  If there is something in the first paragraph you would naturally comment on, do so.  Such as “Can you believe that?  What do you think about that?” much as you would if you were reading it from your phone to a friend.

3.  Next, hand the text to the learner on your left and that person reads the next paragraph.  While it is tempting to correct every mispronounced word, only do so if the reader is NOT understood by the others.  The focus here is on communication of the message and not on 100% pronunciation accuracy.

4.  Repeat until the text is finished, eliciting/prompting discussion as it would naturally occur.

5.  After you are finished, give the participants a copy of the text (or if it is from a course book, let them know where the complete text is).  You may wish to give a follow-up exercise to the text as home practice.


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