The Answer is Yes

The Answer is Yes

I read about this one in a book back in the 1990s.  It’s easy and great to practice a particular grammar point.

1. Elicit and board the grammar structure you want to review (note:  this is to practice a form already learned, NOT an introduction of a new form) and the typical short answer.  E.g. “Do you …?” or “Did you… yesterday?” or “Have you ever…?” or “Are you going to… tomorrow?”

2. Explain to the group that one person is going to answer yes/no questions the others (including you) ask.  Those asking the questions would like to get a YES answer.  If the person being asked answers NO, then the asker is “out”.

3.  Take turns asking by going in a circle until everyone but one is eliminated.

It’s good fun.  At first the questions are very easy/boring but they have to get more and more creative as it continues.  It’s excellent to get them to review target language and give short answers, it’s lively and perfect for a warm-up.


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