This was one of my favorite card games while at university and when I was visiting a family in Turkey realized how great it is for practicing the numbers from 1-99.

1. Put the participants in pairs or groups of no more than 5 per deck of cards.

2. Explain that the cards have the value as shown, e.g. A=1 point, 2=2 points, 3=3 points, J/Q= 10 points.  There are some special cards:

4= reverse direction (like in Uno)

9= zero points

10= -10 points

K= makes 99 points no matter what the total is

3. Each player is dealt 3 cards.  The first player puts a card down, for example a 5 and says “five”. Then the player takes a card from the pile (everyone should always have 3 cards at all times).

4. The next player then puts down a card and adds it to the total, for example an 8 and says “five plus eight is 13”.

5. The players continue to put down cards until the pile reaches 99.  The first player to go OVER 99 points is out.  This is when the special cards can be really handy.  For example if the pile is at 98 points and someone puts down a 4, it is still 99 points but the direction has reversed.  Then maybe someone plays a 10 and the new total is 88.  The next player puts down a King and the total is now 99.  The next player also puts down a King and the total remains 99.  The next player only has a 5, 8, J and is thus, out.

6. The game can either end when the first person is out and the cards are reshuffled and dealt to those remaining or the play can continue until everyone except for one person is out.

This game is great for practicing numbers in a fun way, it can become very fast and the learners have good fun.  It works well as a warm-down when you have 10 minutes to spare at the end of a lesson.


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