Job Lies

Job Lies

This one is great for all levels on the first day or on a day when you are discussing jobs.

  1. Pre-teach words you think they will need (or do this as a follow-up to the unit in the course book about jobs) such as: responsible for, report to, desk (not workplace) etc.
  2. Explain you are going to do a timed writing (or assign it as home practice). Depending on the level will determine the time. I usually give 7 minutes. They should write a description of their job. For lower levels a daily routine and general description is OK. For higher levels they should include projects they have been working on, future plans etc. They should include TWO factual lies in the description! The lies could be about the actual task or the time they do something etc.
  3. After they write their descriptions (the trainer does as well), collect them (make sure there are NO names on the papers).
  4. Redistribute the descriptions. If they get their own, it’s OK.
  5. Let everyone read the new descriptions and the trainer should circle and help if necessary. This should take 2-3 minutes.
  6. Now start off by reading the description you have but spontaneously change it to the third person singular. If the text says “I arrive at work at 8:00am…” change to “This person arrives at work…” For higher levels you might also want to introduce the usual “they” for an unknown third person singular as in “They arrive at work…”
  7. Everyone guesses a) whose job was being described and b) what the two lies were. The description may need to be read out loud more than once, which is great targeted listening.
  8. Continue around the circle until all of the descriptions have been read and everyone has guessed who wrote what and what the lies are.

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