Picture Pass

Picture Pass

This one is good for elementary-intermediate levels.

  1. Print three (or more depending on the size of the class) pictures in which something is happening (such as a scene in a restaurant or a classroom etc.). Alternatively, you can choose three pictures online and using three smart phones in the room, access one photo per phone (so you have three different photos on three different phones).
  2. Put the learners in pairs or small groups of 3-4. Each group needs a photo. Give them three minutes to simply look at the photo and discuss it with their group. They should say whatever they want with the trainer circling and helping where necessary. Set a timer on your smart phone for three minutes.
  3. When the timer goes off, have the groups pass the photos or phones to the group on their left. Every group will now need to have a piece of paper and WRITE 5-10 questions about the photo. Questions could be for example:
    1. How many people are in the photo?
    2. Why is the woman laughing?
    3. Who is wearing yellow socks?
    4. What color is the dog in the background?
    5. Etc.
  1. Give them enough time (no timer) to write at least five questions about the picture. Circle and help where necessary.
  2. Next, call “STOP” and have the groups pass their photo/smart phone to the group on their left. Now, explain that they are going to be quizzed on the first photo they saw. So, group C has the photo Group A discussed and Group B wrote questions about. Group B asks Group A their questions (count the points if you want of the correct answers) while Group C looks at the photo and checks that the answers are correct. Continue until all the groups have asked, answered and checked.

This game is great fun. It includes speaking, writing, listening as well as practice of vocabulary and grammar in a motivating way. The whole exercise takes about 15-25 minutes depending on the size of your class.


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