Pronouns in a Bag

Pronouns in a Bag

This exercise is good for elementary learners. It can be used to practice all the personal pronouns in addition to some vocabulary in a personalized manner.

  1. Before you begin, review the pronouns: my, your, his, her, its, our, their (and possibly: mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs) in addition to Oliver’s…
  2. take a bag and explain that everyone will put one thing (or more) into the bag. They should do it in a way so that nobody can see who is putting what in the bag. It could be a pen, a phone, a key, money… anything, even a slip of paper with a picture of the object they draw.
  3. After you have collected at least one item. Reach in and pull one out. Ask the group what it is. Then ask “Whose… is it?” (explain that they should try to guess before the owner speaks up). Here you can encourage simple or more complicated language such as
    1. It is Sabine’s book.
    2. I think it’s her book.
    3. It looks like Sabine’s book. She likes butterflies and it has a butterfly sticker on it. Maybe it’s hers.
  1. Let the group have fun guessing what is whose and why.
  2. Then have the next person pull something out.
  3. For variation, let them ask “Whose book is this?”
  4. Before returning the items, quiz them again on the new vocabulary and instruct them what to do with it (elementary-level learners enjoy this). “Markus, what do you have?” “I have a pencil.” “Whose is it?” “It’s Julia’s”. “Please give her the pencil”.

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