Label the Room

Label the room

This one is good for elementary-level learners especially when learning the names of objects in the room.

Version 1

  1. give each learner some post-its with words written on them.
  2. Allow them time to check the meanings of any new words in their dictionaries.
  3. Have them stand up and put the post-its on the things in the room e.g. light switch, waste-paper basket, window sill etc.
  4. Then allow them 2 minutes to circle the room and try to remember as many words as possible.
  5. Everyone sits down and you quiz them and award points. Just point to the thing and ask “What’s this/that?” and whoever answers correctly gets a point. OR call two people up and have them compete, the first to get three points stays standing at the front and the other one sits down and another participant comes up to challenge the winner.

Version 2

  1. Give them blank post-its and have them decide which things they want to label. They look up the words. The trainer circles and gives feedback.
  2. Then continue as above from step 3.

Version 3: This/That/These/Those to music

  1. begin as in Version 1 or 2. Instead of step 4, tell everyone you will play music and while the music is on, they can circle the room. They stop when the music stops.
  2. Then they quickly pull the closest person to them and report one thing they see. “That is a light switch” “This is a chair”. Only give about 15-20 seconds for this exchange as you want to encourage them to be quick (they will get quicker once they understand how it works and as they become more comfortable with the words).
  3. Then the music starts and they circle again repeating the exercise until you think they know the objects without having to read the post-its.
  4. Then REMOVE all the post-its and repeat the exercise to see if they really have learned!

This last version is fast-paced, fun and not very competitive. It’s not a big deal if someone makes a mistake since it is so short and nobody is focussing on any one particular person.


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