Slap It!

Slap It (numbers, alphabet, vocabulary)

This one is great for a quick review in a competitive environment. This is to practice letters/numbers etc. after you have already introduced them. It is a more passive activity, so great for controlled practice.

  1. Write the letters of the alphabet on the board (in order or mixed).
  2. Ask two participants to come to the front and stand in front of the board.
  3. Explain that you are going to announce a letter/number and they need to “slap it” when they find it on the board. Call out as many letters/numbers until one of the people has 3 points (or 5 etc). The winner remains standing and a new challenger comes up to the board.
  4. Repeat until everyone has had a chance to challenge the winner. The last person standing is the “number champion/alphabet champion” etc.

If you want to mix it up a bit, have one of the participants be the “caller” and do the exercise again (or on another day).

For other vocabulary, call out: where is the X?


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