Liar! Liar!

Liar Liar


This one is good for practicing tenses. You can limit it to just the past simple, or include past continuous, past perfect or adapt it for present and future forms. It’s good fun.

  1. Prepare two stories which include the target grammar. One story is 100% true and the other is totally made up. Obviously, the more unusual or interesting the stories, the better. Use longer stories for higher levels and shorter stories (as short as one sentence) for lower levels.
  2. Explain to the learners that one story is a lie and one is true. They should listen and decide which is which (no asking of questions afterwards).
  3. Tell the stories.
  4. Allow the learners to talk among themselves and decide which one they think is true and a lie.
  5. It’s always fund to when you tell them which one was really the lie.
  6. Next, have them do the same thing. Because they usually need time (unless they are very proficient) I usually give this as homework.

Variation: If two stories are too difficult, you can tell them they must tell just one story but with two lies in that story.


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