20 Questions

Remember those long car rides (you North Americans) when you played this game for hours and hours? Well, I’ve found it to be a hit in the language classroom as well! It’s good for elementary to advanced levels.  For those who don’t know:

First review question types such as: Is it (+adj)?/ Does it (+verb)? Can it (+verb)?

      1. Then explain that one person is going to think of a person, animal or thing (no abstract things) and everyone else will ask a question (for large groups, form teams and each team can ask a question, but individual questions work well for groups up to 10).
      2. Explain that they can only ask a maximum of 20 questions as a group.
      3. Encourage them to ask general questions and get more specific.
      4. The winner is the person/group who correctly guesses AND did so in the fewest guesses.

Alternative structures to practice: Relative clauses (is it a thing which…/a person who…)


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