Ball and Bag

Ball and Bag


This is a great one for practice of a particular tense or form in the question/answer format and it’s really fun and funny!

  1. Have the participants write down questions in the target tense on strips of paper. For example, if you are practicing the present perfect, they would write questions like “Have you ever…?”. Have them write a few questions (depending on the size of the group: more for smaller groups, fewer for larger groups). For lower level groups, you can pre-write the questions yourself instead of the participants doing so.
  2. Collect the questions and put them into a bag.
  3. Explain that when the music begins (use a CD player/laptop/iphone etc.) the bag will be passed in one direction and a ball (or teddy bear, even scrunched up ball of paper) will be passed in the opposite direction. When the music stops, the person with the question bag will ask the person with the ball a question from the bag. For higher level groups I make them ask a follow-up question.
  4. Then the music starts again and the activity continues.

    Everyone finds it fun, it wakes them up, has an element or surprise and it is great for practicing a target form. As a follow-up activity you could have them write down what new/interesting things they learned about their fellow participants and let them comment about themselves. For example: I learned that Marcus has never eaten sushi, but I have eaten sushi many times. I love sushi. I can also make sushi.


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