Variation 1: Whole Group

  1. Distribute slips of paper to the learners and ask them to write one verb on each slip. I usually tell them to look through their notes/books/moodle glossary for the verbs. It is OK if they write a verb someone else has written.
  2. Put the slips in the middle of the table or in a bag.
  3. One person at a time takes a slip, (set your phone timer to 30 seconds) and acts out the slip. Whoever guesses the verb, wins the slip. The winner has the most slips.

Variation 2: Teams

  1. Steps one and two as above.
  2. The first team selects ONE person to choose a slip and act it out. ONLY their teammates may guess. If time runs out and nobody from the team has guessed, allow other teams one guess.

Variation 3: 1-1 training

  1. Steps one and two as above.
  2. Take turns guessing the words. You can either do one word per play with a timer OR allow multiple words to be guessed in a set time (as many as you can guess in say, 90 seconds).

Variation 4: Higher levels

To make it more challenging, the learners should not just write the verb, but a phrase. So if the new verb was “bury” it could become “bury a bone/letter/body”.

Note: I make the learners formulate a complete question as in “Are you washing a car?”

Variation 5: Mixed ability

Make some cards easier (1 point), moderate (2 points), difficult (3 points) by color coding them. Include the L1 translation for the cards so the lower level learners can still mime the more difficult cards. Encourage higher level learners to take 1 or 2 point cards if working with lower levels.


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