Variation 1: Whole Group

  1. Distribute slips of paper to the learners and ask them to write one verb on each slip. I usually tell them to look through their notes/books/moodle glossary for the verbs. It is OK if they write a verb someone else has written.
  2. Put the slips in the middle of the table or in a bag.
  3. One person at a time takes a slip, (set your phone timer to 30 seconds) and acts out the slip. Whoever guesses the verb, wins the slip. The winner has the most slips.

Variation 2: Teams

  1. Steps one and two as above.
  2. The first team selects ONE person to choose a slip and act it out. ONLY their teammates may guess. If time runs out and nobody from the team has guessed, allow other teams one guess.

Variation 3: 1-1 training

  1. Steps one and two as above.
  2. Take turns guessing the words. You can either do one word per play with a timer OR allow multiple words to be guessed in a set time (as many as you can guess in say, 90 seconds).

Variation 4: Higher levels

To make it more challenging, the learners should not just write the verb, but a phrase. So if the new verb was “bury” it could become “bury a bone/letter/body”.

Note: I make the learners formulate a complete question as in “Are you washing a car?”


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