How They Met

How They Met


This one is good for practicing the past tenses and vocabulary connected to stages in a relationship. If you feel it is too personal, you can have them describe a celebrity couple or even their parents etc.


  1. Explain that they should write the story about how they met their partner, best friend or neighbor. Again, if this is too personal, they can also research a famous couple or write about their parents etc. You might give this as home practice so they can take their time writing it. However, it is important that everyone does this activity for the it to work. If you want to be prepared for those who forget, bring extra celebrity stories that you can distribute. It is best if they type these stories so they are easier to read and less easily identifiable by the handwriting.
  2. Collect the stories (with no names of authors) and redistribute them. It is OK if someone gets their own back. Allow them time to read the text. Circulate and answer any vocabulary questions they might have.
  3. Have the participants read out the stories or summarize them in their own words and the others listen and guess who wrote the story. If it is a personal story, allow for follow-up questions. If it is a story about a famous couple, allow others to add information that was not in the text.


Collect the stories and redistribute. Have the participants write questions about the texts such as “Who met his future wife in 1988?” or “Why did X go to Cuba in 2009?” etc. Then collect the question slips and redistribute them (NOT to the person who wrote the slips or the person who the slips are about).


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