Simon Says

Simon Says


My elementary-level adults really like this one. You might remember the version of Simon Says from your childhood. Here it is with a little difference.


  1. Explain the rule: When you say “Simon Says touch your nose” the group must touch their noses. If you say only “Touch your nose” they should NOT touch their noses. If they do, they are “out”.
  2. Continue until there is only one person left standing (I usually make them stand).
  3. Typical types of commands: Touch your (body part), look at (object in the room), walk to the…, open your…, jump, turn around, touch the person on your left/right, touch something red/blue/orange etc.
  4. Then for the next round have one of participants play the role of Simon.


This one is good for elementary or pre-intermediate level learners.


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