Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Many people are familiar with the old post-it on the forehead party game which I’ll adapt to the language learning environment here with a variation.

  1. Distribute post its (or other slips of paper with tape on them) to the participants.
  2. Ask them to write the name of a famous person they all should know on the slip.
  3. Then have them put the post it on the person to their right’s forehead.
  4. Then one person begins by asking a yes/no question about themselves. If the answer is YES they may ask again. If the answer is NO then the next person in the circle gets a turn to ask about themselves. You should review the question types first, especially since they are in the “I” form. (Do I…/Am I…/Can I…/Have you ever seen/heard me…). They can direct their questions at one person or the whole group.
  5. One by one, they will guess their person. Play until everyone has guessed their person.


Instead of putting the post-its on their foreheads, stick them to their backs. Play music in the background and let them circle the room and ask individuals questions about themselves (again, if the answer is YES they can ask again, if NO they stop and will need to ask another person).


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