Crazy House

Crazy House


This one is good at all levels, especially for reviewing question forms. Attention, it can only be played once with a group (see note below for alternatives)! Once they know the rules, you could only repeat it if another person joins the group who does not.


  1. Explain that you are going to do an exercise in which they have to ask and answer questions. (You may need to review the question form with helping verbs).
  2. One person (or two) are sent out of the room. While outside, they can brainstorm all kinds of questions they want to ask.
  3. Explain to the one who are in the room that they all live in a “Crazy House” (not very PC, I know). Everyone should have a “tick” (rocking, looking around, playing with their hair etc.). When the first person comes in the room, they will identify a person they want to ask the first question to. The person will NOT answer the question. The questioner will ask a second person a different question and the person must give the answer to the question that was asked to the PREVIOUS person! This means they have to listen very very carefully. Once everyone understands the rules, invite the first person in. (The second person outside should make a list of all the questions they want to ask).
  4. Explain that to the questioner that they are now in a Crazy House and the questioner is the doctor and must find out what everyone’s problem is. Encourage the questioner to ask DIFFERENT questions to each person. After the first person does not respond, I explain “She is a little shy, just ask the next person a question.” The questioner will be very confused by the answers, but should continue until they figure out everyone is answering the question before. The trainer, helps with question formulation (and possibly reminding people by whispering in their ear the previous question), but should take part and act crazy.
  5. Then bring in the second person and repeat. You can also repeat the exercise in the future with a participant who was absent on this day. If done right, I have seen participants literally drooling and nearly wetting themselves from laughter!

Alternatives: You can change the algorithm and play the game again. Examples: Men lie, women tell the truth (or vice versa). Only answer WH-questions and ignore yes/no questions. Or come up with your own.


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