Baby Picture Mix

Baby Picture Mix

  1. Ask everyone to bring in a photograph from when they were a baby. They can print it out (but don’t use their phones/FB pages) bring in your own as well!
  2. Depending on the level you can do various things with the photographs:
    1. Beginner: Spread the photographs on the table/board/wall and the participants ask “Is this Marcus?” or “I think this is Marcus”.
    2. Elementary and Pre-intermediate: Have them write a short text about themselves from when they were babies/small children. Then have the groups match the descriptions to the photographs and then guess who the babies are.
    3. Intermediate and up: Similar to Elementary and Pre-intermediate but encourage uses of “used to do” and “would do” in addition to the other past tenses. Instead of writing, have them orally tell their story and the others listen, ask questions and then find the matching photograph.

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