Teach a Recipe

Teach a Recipe

This one is not just for general English courses but can also be used for business groups.

  1. After you have taught and discussed food and cooking vocabulary explain that you are going to teach them how to cook a specialty from your country.
  2. Start yourself by showing a picture of the dish. Ask the participants if they know it or have ever eaten it. Ask them to predict the ingredients. Add any they miss.
  3. Then describe the way the dish is cooked. If possible, bring in the utensils or at least photos of the utensils and pots etc. that are used.
  4. For a real treat, bring in a sample of the finished product.

I treat this as a kind of presentation and allow the participants to ask questions and even rate the presenter on things like, content and delivery as with business presentations.

1-1: This works perfectly for 1-1 lessons.


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