Tense Mingle


Tense Mingle


This can be used for almost any tense and level.


  1. Give the participants three slips of paper and ask them to write one sentence on each. If we have just been doing the past simple, for example, I ask them to write three true things in the past simple (but this works for almost all tenses) about themselves.
  2. Collect the slips and redistribute them. They should NOT get their own slips back.
  3. Then explain that they are going to find the person who wrote the information on the slips. I usually play background music to simulate a party atmosphere. Everyone will get up and mill around asking people about the slips. For example, if the slip says “I bought a sofa last week.” the asker could ask “What did you do last week/Did you buy anything last week?/How old is your sofa?” etc. They should also ask a follow-up question.
  4. Allow the activity to continue until they have found all the authors and have asked all their follow-up questions.
  5. Then have a feedback session. I usually do this simply by asking: “What interesting or new thing did you learn about your classmates?”



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