Word Tag

Word tag

This simple activity is good as a very fast warm-up.

  1. explain you are going to do some vocabulary brainstorming. You are going to start the chain by saying a word, for example “cat”.
  2. The next person in the circle must use the last letter of your word to create a new word such as “today”.
  3. The game continues in this way for a round or two.

Variation 1

Instead of going in a circle, use a ball/bean bag/crumpled piece of paper that they throw to the next person.

Variation 2

Set a time limit of 15 seconds (or more) to give an answer. If someone is stumped, they are “out”. Start again and play until there is one winner. You could also stipulate that words may not be repeated.

Variation 3

For more advanced groups you could stipulate the topic, for example, “finance”. A possible chain might be “cash-hedge fund-dividend”. Because this is much more challenging, you might allow them a longer time period, to work in pairs and or use the internet on their smart phones for help.

1-1: This works for 1-1 lessons.


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