Adverb Game

1. On slips of paper, write down some adverbs that the group knows, depending on the size of the group, about 10-15 adverbs is good.

2. On other slips, write down some verbs the group knows, again about 10-15.  Keep the stacks separate.

3.  Demonstrate by taking one card from the adverb pile and one card from the verb pile.  You must act out what is on the card (speaking may be necessary) and the group guesses what the combination is.  For example, you take “passionately” and “wash”.  Act it out and the first one to say “Are you passionately washing?” wins the point.

4. Let each person in the group have a turn.  The winner is the one with the most points.


Have the person who is “it” leave the room while the group decides on an adverb, e.g. “quietly” or “quickly” etc.  When the person who is “it” returns, the person gives participants a verb such as “jump” or “kill” etc. (also verb phrases are good such as “walk a dog” or “smell a flower”  and the participant has to do it in combination with the adverb.  The person who is “it” continues to give verbs until he/she knows what the adverb is.

1-1: This works perfectly for 1-1 lessons.


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