This is a fun way to speak about your weekend or a trip you recently took.

  1. On several slips of paper write a feeling you experienced followed by a location or an object, e.g. “frightened/park”, “lost/hotel”, “sad, San Francisco” etc.
  2. Distribute the cards to the learners (one per learner or with larger groups one per group). The learners read their card out loud. First check that everyone understand the meaning of the emotion on the card. Then let them speculate what the “story” is. One group might say for example “Maybe you got lost on the way to your hotel.” And another group “Maybe you lost something in the hotel.” and so on.
  3. After everyone/all groups have had a chance to speculate (it’s OK if they have the same ideas), award points to those who speculated correctly (or came closest). At this point, they can ask you follow-up questions about your experience.
  4. Continue until all the cards have been used.
  5. As homework, have each person/group write their own cards (anywhere from 1-3 is OK, depending on group size) and repeat the exercise in the next lesson, or spread it out over several lessons.

1-1: This works well in 1-1 lessons as well.


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