Chair Swap

This one is great for practicing any tense or form at all in the affirmative or negative. It gets the learners up and moving and is a lot of fun at the A1, A2 and B1 levels.

  1. Learners sit in a circle. There should be one fewer chairs than participants so that one person must stand in the middle.
  2. The first person makes a statement (if you are practicing a particular tense, then only in that tense) e.g. I don’t have a car./I have never eaten octopus./I can’t swim. etc.
  3. All of the participants who can agree with the statement for themselves must stand up and swap chairs (including the person who was in the middle). The last person standing goes to the middle and creates a new sentence.
  4. Repeat until several participants have had the chance to be in the middle.

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