One-Word Stories

This one is a little like “Fortunately, Unfortunately” in that the learners construct a story together. It’s not a specific use of vocabulary but can be used especially well for the past tense. Reviewing linking words could help. It really focuses on listening and syntax.

  1. Explain that the group is going to create a story and that each person will add one part (best if in a circle). Each person’s addition is to consist of just one word. Start the story yourself, e.g. Yesterday/Unexpectedly/In etc.
  2. The next person adds just one word to the story and it continues.
  3. You may choose to limit the story by saying the sentence should not end (hence the use of linking words). Or you can allow a sentence to end, but the person must use “period” to end the sentence.

1-1: This can also be used in 1-1 lessons as described above.


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