Last Year’s Reflection & New Year’s Predictions

This one is good for that first lesson of the new year. It is especially good for conditionals and the will future.

  1. Write the following on the board
    1. (A2-B1) I thought I would…/I didn’t think I would…
    2. (B2-C2) In retrospect…/I wish…/If I had known…
  2. Give the learners a few minutes to reflect on the previous year. Was it as they expected or not? You can have them finish the sentences in pairs or as a whole class speaking activity and encourage others to agree or disagree or ask follow-up questions. Alternatively, you can have them write their statements on slips of paper, collect them and redistribute them then have them interview each other to find who wrote what.
  3. Now write the following on the board
    1. (A2-B1) I think… will…/I don’t think…/I hope…
    2. (B2-C2) By the end of the year… will have happened/If…will…/I hope… etc.
  4. Repeat as in step 2.

This exercise is even more fun if you take notes of their predictions for the coming year and then review them in December, if you have the group for that long. Compare how many of their predictions came true.


1-1: This works perfectly for 1-1 lessons as above.


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