Would You Rather

This is a classic non-ELT game that many of us already know. It’s good in the classroom to practice that pesky phrase “Would you rather..?” and the answer “I’d rather + bare infinitive” or “I’d prefer + infinitive or noun”. Perfect for the B2 level or even for newish groups (maybe not for the first lesson, but the second?).

For those not acquainted, here’s how it works:

  1. Put the learners into pairs for the preparation.
  2. The learners should come up with 5-10 “Would you rather…?” statements. They can be with either two good options or two bad options (but NOT one of each). For example: “Would you rather be able to fly or have x-ray vision?” or “Would you rather shout at your boss or your boss shout(s) at you” (NB: this one might be good if you want to throw in the subjunctive for more advanced learners).
  3. Then in as a whole class or in groups of not more than about 10, each pair takes it in turn to ask their questions. You could have the pair single out a particular person or better, have multiple people answer or even everyone (including the askers and the trainer!). The players must answer and are not allowed to say “both” or “neither”.

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