One Lie, Two Truths

Many already know this one and the name about says it all. It’s great though for new groups or groups that (think they) know one another well. It’s also great to practice a particular grammar point be it present simple, past simple, future etc. So, it can be used several times in new contexts.

  1. Tell the participants you are going to give them three facts about yourself (for more advanced groups the facts could be little stories/anecdotes, for lower levels keep them to one sentence). Then tell them the facts, for example in an A2 group practicing past simple: “I climbed Mt. Fuji in 1999.” “I was on German television in 2006.” “I met Lady Gaga last summer in person.”
  2. Then allow the class in pairs or small groups to discuss which fact is a lie. They should reach a consensus in their groups and report their answer.
  3. Reveal the lie (in this case I did not meet Lady Gaga) and award points to the pairs/groups.
  4. Now let them individually prepare statements about themselves and repeat the exercise. The pair/group with the most correct answers wins! NB: When one person in a group is reading their statements, they clearly are excluded from deciding if their own statements are true or false.

1-1: This works perfectly in 1-1 lessons.


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