Line Up!

This one is good for lower levels, especially A1-A2. It’s good because it gets the learners up and moving and it focuses on listening skills. You can also select a participant to be the person giving the orders to make it more active.

  1. Explain that you will give an order and the learners must line up according to your order. For example: Please line up from oldest to youngest/tallest to shortest within a specified time (90 seconds is good).
  2. Give the order.
  3. The learners should ask each other in English questions like “I was born in May 1990, when were you born?” in order to identify the correct order.
  4. Top the class (use a timer on your phone).
  5. Ask them to announce the order, e.g. S1: I was born in January 1989. S2 I was born in March 1989…
  6. If someone is in the wrong place you could eliminate that person from the next round if you want. Alternatively, give them 10 seconds to reorder themselves.


1. Say a sentence that is “correct” or “incorrect” and the learners move to one side of the room if they think it is correct or incorrect. This could be content-based or grammar-based.

2. Also with sides of the room, ask them to move according to what they think about a topic, e.g. “I think chocolate ice-cream is more delicious than vanilla.”

3. Also with sides of the room, ask them to move according to personal descriptors, e.g. Move to this side if you have a pet./If you speak more than 2 languages./ If you are wearing jewelry.


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