Dice Conjugation

This one is good for A1 or A2 level learners.

  1. Draw (or create and print) a game board on the white board with a start, finish and many boxes between.
  2. Divide the class into groups (or if small teams of 1 person).
  3. Explain that the die (real or a dice app) have six numbers that represent the following:

1 = I

2= you

3 = he/she/it

4 = we

5 = you guys

6 = they

4. Then put a pile of verbs on the table (you can prepare them in advance or simply give out some slips of papers to the learners and ask them to write one verb per slip).

5. The first team rolls the dice (or shakes it on the app) and takes a verb. The first die is how far they can move on the board, the second die is the pronoun they must choose. If you want to add another layer, roll a third dice with the following code:

1,2 = positive sentence

3,4 = negative sentence

5,6 = question

The learner/team needs to make a sentence that is grammatically correct in order to stay on the square. Example: 1,5,3 is rolled. L moves 1 box, takes a verb “wash the dishes” and creates the sentence “You guys don’t wash the dishes.” Since the sentence is grammatically correct, the L can stay on the box (on the whiteboard just make a mark with the marker, if using a paper board, us a coin or other game piece). If the sentence is not correct, the team must go back to the previously won box.

6. The game continues until one team reaches the finish.


For 1-1 the trainer can play as well and either do it in the learner’s L1 (if the T knows it well enough) OR the trainer can “mayb make a mistake” and get the learner to confirm or correct the answer.


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