Something in Common

This is a short one and can be adapted to various levels. I usually use it to practice the phrases: We all/both, One of us, None of use, All of us/Both of us etc.

  1. Put the learners in pairs or groups of three. Explain they will have a time limit (say 3 minutes) to ask each other questions and find out what they have in common. You could stipulate that they MUST find one unique thing about each other and one common thing.
  2. You may need to review question forms briefly for lower levels. Start the timer. Circle and make notes as the learners are speaking.
  3. Have the groups report back to the class. Alternatively, have them write a few sentences first (or as home work) and then report (using the phrases above).

For 1-1 lessons this still works well. Just get the learner to talk about a colleague/friend they know to include the “all of us/none of us” in addition to “both of us/neither of us”.


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