If this person were a…

This is a game I sometimes play with my family and friends on road trips. It’s best for groups at the B1 level and up.

  1. Explain that one person will be the “Asker” and the rest of the group will answer. Choose one person to leave the room. While that person is out, the group selects a person in the room to describe.
  2. The Asker comes back in (I usually demonstrate the first round by being the Asker myself). The Asker asks a question such as:

If this person were a color/flower/animal/food/piece of furniture/disease/car/sport/movie genre/insect/planet etc., which one would they be. (Be careful to use THEY in your answers). The Asker asks the questions then designates a person to answer. The person who answers should answer based on personality (not likes, for example if a person likes black, but you think yellow best represents them, say YELLOW).

3. The Asker asks one question to everyone in the room before guessing who it is.

4. Repeat the game with a new Asker.

1-1 Variation: This can work for 1-1 if you limit the number of questions to five (for example) and use a list of names of people both the learner and the trainer know (may include famous people) to be kept on the table for reference.


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