Word Circle

This is a variation on the vocabulary cards I wrote about in other posts.

  1. Create vocabulary cards with the English on one side and the translation/definition on the other. Lay 6 cards on the table (you decide which side goes up).
  2. Using a die (or dice app), one learner roles (you decide arbitrarily which card is “1”) and the learner moves to that card and needs to give the translation/definition. If it is correct, the learner keeps the card and a new card is put in its place. If it is not, the card remains.
  3. Continue playing for a certain number of rounds or minutes.

Variation: For an extra point, the learner can create a grammatically correct sentence using the word/phrase.

1-1 variation. This works well with 1-1 if the trainer is familiar with the learner’s L1 and the cards have only translations.



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