Small Talk Alphabet Letter

This is a no-preparation surprising and surprisingly interesting warm-up exercise for levels A2-C2.

  1. Ask the learners for a letter of the alphabet. Write that letter on the board (for example S).
  2. Now, ask for words that start with that letter and write about 15 on the board (for example sun, simple, socks, sorry, sick, soap, soup…)
  3. Put the learners in pairs. Tell them they have 4 minutes to have small talk on one (or more) of the topics on the board (of their choosing). Start your timer and have them start.
  4. Afterwards, get some feedback by asking: What did you talk about? Was it easy or difficult to discuss the topic? I also add why we do the exercise: You can’t always predict the direction small talk will take and practicing how to react in unexpected situations can be helpful.

1-1 variation: This works well in 1-1 as above with the trainer as one of the partner.


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