First Day Lesson (1)

There are many ways to conduct the first lesson with a new group including a needs analysis and self-introductions. This is just one idea.

  1. Cut A4 paper into 4 and give each learner 4 cut pieces of paper.
  2. Ask them to write one word on each paper. It should be a thing/object that is important to them.
  3. Collect the slips of paper and redistribute them to others.
  4. Ask the learners to write a few questions about the object. For example, LABRADOR: Do you have a labrador? Is it male or female? How old… etc.
  5. Have the learners mingle and find the person who wrote the word. They should ask their questions (and follow-up questions).
  6. When everyone has found the person who wrote all the words they have, they can sit back down. Then report back by asking: What was the most interesting thing you learned about Maria/Marco etc.

This is a good activity to practice speaking and getting to know each other. Of course the trainer should also include 4 slips of paper!

Alternative: instead of just things, the learners can use dates or places or verbs or a mix!

1-1: This exercise can work for 1-1 lessons, but just have the learner write 4 words and you interview them about those words. Then have the learner interview you about your 4 words.