Identity Swap

This exercise is good for A1-B1 levels. It is best in one of the first lessons.

  1. After introducing phrases to introduce oneself (if necessary) and reviewing question forms, tell the learners they are going to introduce themselves to each other. Give them 1-2  minutes to do this.
  2. Then, tell them that they are going to introduce themselves to a new person in the class. However, this time they will use the identity of person they just spoke to.
  3. Repeat a third time, having them swap their identity again.
  4. Finally, have the learners return to their seats and introduce the “real” people to each other by eliciting information from the group. Ask: Who is this (pointing to the first person)? Establish the correct name and then: What can you tell me about X? And allow the person to correct any misinformation.

1-1: This can not be used for 1-1 training.


First Day Lesson (1)

There are many ways to conduct the first lesson with a new group including a needs analysis and self-introductions. This is just one idea.

  1. Cut A4 paper into 4 and give each learner 4 cut pieces of paper.
  2. Ask them to write one word on each paper. It should be a thing/object that is important to them.
  3. Collect the slips of paper and redistribute them to others.
  4. Ask the learners to write a few questions about the object. For example, LABRADOR: Do you have a labrador? Is it male or female? How old… etc.
  5. Have the learners mingle and find the person who wrote the word. They should ask their questions (and follow-up questions).
  6. When everyone has found the person who wrote all the words they have, they can sit back down. Then report back by asking: What was the most interesting thing you learned about Maria/Marco etc.

This is a good activity to practice speaking and getting to know each other. Of course the trainer should also include 4 slips of paper!

Alternative: instead of just things, the learners can use dates or places or verbs or a mix!

1-1: This exercise can work for 1-1 lessons, but just have the learner write 4 words and you interview them about those words. Then have the learner interview you about your 4 words.